Last Kilometer Freight

If you have a large quantity of the same item that needs to be distributed quickly and efficiently within the CBD and surrounding suburbs then talk to us today. We can deliver a solution that is economical, sustainable, and reliable.

EASY booking

Our booking platform TwinJet makes booking a job as easy as 3 clicks. We can accept bulk manifests in .CSV or Spreadsheet format which creates unique job ID's. 


We are able to deliver POD's either in realtime or to your schedule. Each job, when pushed through our system has a unique tracking code and logs every unique event from job creation.


High volume operations require competent and experienced operators. Momentum Messenger offers over 15 years combined experience in the industry, we know all the ins and outs of Melbourne's CBD and its infrastructure. 


Every business is different and we aim to provide options to suit your needs. We base our pricing on many factors including; location, volume, weight, type, urgency and frequency.

To get in touch with us about your Last Kilometer Freight solution, please fill out the following form to get started and we will get back to you asap.